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AWS Velocity


We are software engineers and independent consultants focused on boosting your business with AWS and DevOps.
We call it AWS Velocity.

Amazon Web Services

We are focusing on building highly available, scalable and flexible environments on top of AWS. From Web and Mobile applications to Big Data solutions.


We are focusing on automating the process from committing changes to the source code repository to deploying a new version of the application to production.

Cloud-native Apps

We are focusing on building Serverless applications with API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, and other fully managed cloud services.


Use AWS to become faster and more agile: AWS Velocity

Our clients use AWS to reduce time-to-market following an agile approach. But AWS is only one part of the solution. AWS Velocity is about your IT assembly line.

AWS Velocity

The assembly line describes the work that is necessary from idea to production.

  1. In a software project, you decide how to spend your resources. You can not work on everything at the same time.
  2. You write code and tests, adjust configuration, add images, ...
  3. Every change is versioned in a repository.
  4. The source code is built and packaged. Tests are executed, and static source code checkers analyze the source code.
  5. The packaged software is deployed to AWS into a production-like environment.
  6. Acceptance tests run against the production-like environment to ensure that your system still behaves as expected.
  7. Now, you are ready to deploy to production.
  8. All steps need to be monitored to know if something goes wrong and to decide based on data.

As you can see, many steps are involved from idea to production. Many steps also mean that many things can go wrong. The goal of the assembly line is to ensure that work is only handed over from one step to the other if it has no defects. Therefore we aim for automation whenever possible. We also need to improve our assembly line whenever a defect gets through to make sure that this never happens again.

That's your way to AWS Velocity.


What we can do for you.

  • Training your team on the job (pairing)
  • Reviewing your AWS architecture or security configuration
  • Implementing prototypes (PoC) for cloud-readiness assessments
  • Optimizing costs of your AWS infrastructure
  • Giving talks and holding workshops
  • Implementing cloud-native applications, serverless if possible
  • Setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines
  • Automating cloud infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation

We can also offer custom services tailored to your needs.


Who we are and how you can reach us.

Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect and Author of Amazon Web Services in Action

Speaker at DevOps Conference, BigDataCon, Internet of Things Conference, ...


AWS Certified
Andreas Wittig

Andreas Wittig

DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect and Author of Amazon Web Services in Action

Speaker at Continuous Lifecycle Conference, AWS Enterprise Summit, ...


AWS Certified

Online Trainings

Keep up with AWS by watching our video courses.

Online Training with A Cloud Guru

Deep Dive into Application Load Balancer (ALB)

Everything you need to know about the Layer 7 Load Balancer on AWS: powerful features, lower costs, and container-ready for use with ECS.

Online Training with Pluralsight

Automating AWS with CloudFormation

Managing AWS environments manually is complex and fault-prone. Describing your infrastructure in code helps you to improve quality and save costs. This course teaches you how to use AWS CloudFormation to automatically manage your infrastructure.

Online Training with Pluralsight

Navigating the AWS Management Console

When getting started with AWS, the Management Console is an important tool to navigate through Amazon's cloud. This course helps you get started with AWS and helps you become familiar with the AWS Management Console.


Publicly available examples of what we have done in the recent past.

Amazon Web Services in Action

Amazon Web Services in Action

Our book Amazon Web Services in Action introduces you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. Automating your infrastructure with CloudFormation is an important part of the book. The book was published by Manning and is one of their bestsellers.


Blog cloudonaut.io

We love to write and to teach. You'll find new articles in our blog weekly. Covering latest announcements of AWS, deep dives and how-to instructions for almost every AWS service. Subscribe via RSS or Newsletter to stay up to date!

Complete IAM Reference

Complete IAM Reference

The Identity and Access Management service (IAM) is one of the most important services allowing you to secure your cloud infrastructure. This project contains a complete IAM reference as a helpful addition to the official AWS documentation.

AWS CloudFormation Templates

CloudFormation templates

Automation is the most important advantage of using AWS. We are deeply into automating our cloud infrastructure with CloudFormation. Check out our templates on Github and feel free to use them in your projects.

S3 Virusscan

S3 Virusscan

Storing data on S3 is simple but are your files infected by a virus? This project offers a possibility to run a ClamAV virus scan through the files stored in your S3 buckets. S3 events and EC2 instances are used to automate the process.

Connect Amazon CloudWatch and Slack

Chatbot marbot

Connect Amazon CloudWatch and Slack to spread alerts among your team members. One engineer, not the whole team, receives an alert. marbot escalates unnoticed incidents up to the next engineer or the team. marbot delivers alarms by sending direct messages. Acknowledging, passing, and closing alerts with Slack-native actions.

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