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Consultants focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Andreas Wittig & Michael Wittig

Our Story

We are independent consultants focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Obviously, we're brothers too.

In 2009, we joined the same company as software developers. Three years later, we were looking for a way to deploy our software—an online banking platform—in an agile way. We got excited about the possibilities in the cloud and the DevOps movement. It’s no wonder we ended up migrating the whole infrastructure of Tullius Walden Bank to AWS. This was a first in the finance industry, at least in Germany!

Since 2015, we have accelerated the cloud journeys of startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises.

We have penned books like Amazon Web Services in Action and Rapid Docker on AWS, we regularly update our blog, and we are contributing to the Open Source community. Besides running a 2-headed consultancy, we are entrepreneurs building Software-as-a-Service products.

100% Amazon Web Services (AWS)


We focus on modern cloud architectures: highly available, scalable, and evolutionary. An important part of this is the selection of the most suitable AWS services.


We focus on automating infrastructure and deployments to increase velocity and reduce risk. For this purpose, we use Infrastructure as Code and Containers.


Security in the cloud is also a chief priority. Important aspects include managing access to AWS resources, network design and firewalls, and patch management.


We prefer building Serverless applications. To this end, we assemble the building blocks offered by AWS. Doing so allows us to focus on the business logic.

Our Services Worldwide
(Remote + On-Site)

Customized Training

Customized Training

Building knowledge is key when adapting to AWS. We offer on-site training for 5 to 15 participants. All our trainings follow a curriculum tailored to your needs and include hands-on experiences.

Typical learning contents include:

  • Getting started with AWS
  • Automation with Infrastructure as Code
  • Containers on AWS
  • Cloud Security
  • Database options on AWS
  • Serverless Applications

Customized training is great for getting started with a new technology. However, learning outcomes are even better when solving real-world challenges.

That is why we coach teams and individuals to accelerate their knowledge building while working on their first AWS-related projects. To do so, we practice pair programming and solve challenges together with your team to address any potential hiccups as they arise.

AWS offers a wide variety of services. In our customized workshops, we design an architecture that will help you or your organization address real-world challenges to help you serve your customers as efficiently as possible.

We point out different architectures and discuss the pros and cons. Factors we consider include cost effectiveness, high availability, scalability, and operational effort.

Over the years we have developed production-ready templates that allow us to bootstrap infrastructure onto AWS with minimal effort. We get the infrastructure for your project up and running within a few days.

The templates we use are open source. On top of that, we customize or create new templates that fit your specific needs. Deployment pipelines and knowledge transfer are also part of the bootstrapping process.

An independent review is a great way to improve your cloud infrastructure. We offer reviews focusing on security, cost, and architecture.

Our experience with AWS allows us to suggest valuable improvements. We are happy to support your team when implementing the discussed improvements.

We are passionate about AWS, DevOps, and Serverless. We enjoy lighting a spark in your organization with a presentation that includes candid experience reports from our day-to-day work wins and challenges.

If desired we offer workshops, hackathons, and game days as well.


cloudonaut Blog

We share our learnings with the community every week: Reviews, Infastructure as Code, Serverless, Security, and more.

Our Open Source projects on GitHub

Open Source projects


Production-ready CloudFormation templates including VPC, Security, Database, EC2, ECS, Jenkins, ...

S3 Virus Scanner

Event-based solution to detect malware stored in S3 buckets.


Modular CloudFormation templates including VPC, Fargate, Lambda, ...

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